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Real Estate Law

The Law Offices of Gary E. Rosenberg, P.C. handles a host of real estate matters, including real estate litigation and real estate transactions. A short list of New York real estate matters is provided below:

Real Estate Companies and investment property -  Many people look to real estate as an investment opportunity. Mr. Rosenberg can assist with the formation of appropriate entities to own real estate, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLC) and limited partnerships with a corporate or LLC general partner. In multi-property investments, many people hope to limit exposure by placing different properties into separate legal entities. Additionally, many times investors want a management company to operate the real estate investment that is separate from the company that owns the real estate.

Real Estate Title - This includes title and ownership disputes, probate requirements (affidavits of heirship, small estate affidavits, and family settlement agreements), curative title documents. Our firm also handles boundary line disputes, easement litigation and related matters within the State of New York.

For sale by owner & Courtesy closings – Mr. Rosenberg regularly works with purchasers and sellers of real estate. We can review your closing documents and provide documents and settlement agreements. We also associate with local title companies to assist in the closing process, including curative work, for sale by owner contracts, and transfer documentation preparation.

Commercial leases
- Few documents are as important to a business as the commercial lease. We can draft, review and negotiate your commercial lease agreements. We can also assist with breach of lease litigation matters, both plaintiff and defense. This also may include UCC filings and security instruments.

Transfers of interests in real property and title - Deeds are the most common method for conveying an interest in real property. These deeds may contain a warranty (called a general warranty deed) or they may contain a warranty subject to a pre-existing lien or mortgage (called a special warranty deed). Another popular document is a Quitclaim. A quitclaim is a release of an interest in real property without a warranty. Many title companies will refuse to acknowledge a quitclaim as either a release or a transfer of a real estate interest. Sometimes, it is necessary to demonstrate a party's ownership interest in a parcel of property before that party can transfer the interest. Our firm regularly assists with this process.

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